Bulletproof Coffee with MCT

Today, people are incorporating healthy fats in their diets for nutritional benefits. Now with Caffé de Ora, you can experience the “all -in-one” instant bulletproof MCT coffee that taste like freshly brewed. This robust coffee beverage is packaged in a safe and quality composite cans with the “Peel-off Top” for maintaining the optimal coffee freshness and flavor.

Suitable for Keto, Low Carbs, Paleo Diet, and Diabetics.

Caffé de Ora is designed to be part of your keto, low carb or any healthy diet by helping to satisfy your hunger, burn more fat, and promote physical and mental performance.

MCT with Arabica and Robusta

Caffé de Ora is made exclusively with the premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans along with high quality coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). By adding natural nutritious Luo Han Guo extract, it becomes creamy and delicious bulletproof coffee with MCT.

The Key Features of Caffé de Ora

  • MCT is more than 10 times stronger than regular coconut oil.

    It is metabolized the fastest into ketones that the brain and body can use for instant energy without the need for glucose from carbohydrates or sugar.

  • Only 65 kcal per serving.
  • Natural appetite reduction and accelerates weight loss process.
  • Boost energy level to improve exercise performance and endurance.
  • Enhance brain health and cognitive function.
  • Sugar-free and suitable for those watching their sugar levels.
  • Maintain a healthy metabolism.

Have your Caffé de Ora anytime of the day for that extra burst of needed energy, especially in the morning and pre-workout.
A perfect way to start your day at only RM3.40 per cup, with total 20 servings per canister.


Add 1 scoop (12.5gm) of Caffé de Ora into ~ 150ml hot water.

This creamy coffee is delicious hot or iced.

Why added MCT powder?

MCT is commonly extracted from coconut oil. It is processed differently from other fat, it goes straight from the gut to the liver to be used to make ketones, which can be used by the brain for energy instead of glucose or sugar. MCT have the ability to assist in regulating blood sugar within the body and could also benefit those suffering from mild insulin insensitivity. See reference.

Why added Luo Han Guo extract?

Luo Han Guo seems to show promise at preventing cholesterol from oxidizing (this plays a role in the formation of plaque buildup in the arteries), it may decrease risk of heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. See reference.

Mengapa menambah serbuk MCT?

MCT biasanya diekstrak dari minyak kelapa. Dalam badan, ia diproses berbeza dengan lemak lain, ia diserap di usus, dan terus ke hati untuk kegunaan membuat keton, yang digunakan oleh otak untuk tenaga dan bukannya glukosa atau gula. MCT boleh membantu mengawal tahap gula di dalam darah dan juga boleh memberi manfaat kepada mereka yang mengalami ketidakpekaan insulin ringan. Sumber rujukan.

Mengapa menambah ekstrak Luo Han Guo?

Luo Han Guo boleh membantu mencegah pengoksidaan kolesterol (ini berperanan dalam pembentukan penumpukan plak di arteri), ini dapat menurunkan risiko penyakit jantung, strok dan penyakit Alzheimer. Sumber rujukan.

Main Ingredients

Bahan-bahan Utama

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Powder

Serbuk Trigliserida Rantai Sederhana (MCT)

Luo Han Guo Extract

Ekstrak Luo Han Guo

Coffee Extract

Ekstrak Kopi

Coconut Oil Powder

Serbuk Minyak Kelapa

Benefits of Caffé de Ora

Faedah Caffé de Ora

Instant Brain Energy & Improve Mental Clarity
Tenaga Otak Segera & Meningkatkan Kejelasan Mental

Appetite Control & Support Weight Loss
Kawalan Selera & Menurunkan Berat Badan

Antioxidant Agent To Prevent Chronic Diseases
Ejen Antioksidan Untuk Mencegah Penyakit Kronik

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Level
Mengekal Tahap Gula Darah yang Sihat

Boost Energy & Improve Performance
Meningkatkan Tenaga & Meningkatkan Prestasi

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